With a composition that alludes to mass and weight, Apollo is a lamp made from a solid piece of machine-turned brass or aluminium. Its conical shapes balance end-on-end like a spinning gyro, emphasising a dynamic, downward, thrusting force. A lamp with a real heightened material presence, with its surfaces left deliberately raw. The Apollo collection comes in a range of colours that can be used singularly or hanging in various heights as a group constellation.
Graphic, energetic and with a youthful spring in its step, Bounce is a vibrant character. With a shape informed by the path the electricity will travel from lamp to lamp, Bounce is an expansive monochromatic piece that commands attention in any situation. The flat, screen-like luminaire fits especially well when positioned above oblong tables or counters; its opal glass casting a consistent, controlled light.
The Kandinsky pendant lamp is inspired by the abstract circle paintings from the artist of the same name, created during his time at the Bauhaus school in the 1920s. A sphere and a spear play the main characters in the lamp’s composition, piercing each other in mid-air. The delicate balance of the two elements evokes a dramatic sensation of weightlessness and precision but also fragility. The custom-made light source is shaped and fitted seamlessly as part of the glass sphere. Emitting its glow from the middle of the hand-blown smoked glass, the lamp is dimmable to set mood in a space. Kandinsky is available in two sizes, with a 300 or 450 mm wide glass sphere. It hangs powerfully on its own, above a table or feature design element, or as a group, to cast its soft, diffused light over a larger space.
Romb emerged as a result of Broberg & Ridderstråle experimenting with a rippled cardboard they use lots when modelling and developing architecture projects. The shape, a rhombus, emerged quickly and split into two forms; one larger than the other, which cast an interesting direct light upwards but also indirect down, over the base of the shape. The piece works well on narrow spaces like bookshelves or windowsills, and has a strong sculpyural presence whether it´s shining or not. Romb is made from custom-pressed steel with seamless edges and great attention to detail.
Designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle, Turner is a dynamic pendant lamp, composed with quiet minimalism and sculptural precision. A sphere is sliced into a series of orbits that create an ever-changing apperance. Turner’s design is the direct result of experimentation with the polymer-sprayed cocoon material and wire construction. Combining a soft glow with a strict form, Turner is a omni-directional lamp that banishes unwanted shadows to create a beautifully pure white surface on which light can dance. Turner is both functional and atmospheric, it can illuminate an entire room or hanging suspended over a dining, working or seating area.