Groove Coffee Table
The GROOVE COFFEE TABLE is an exclusive solid wood coffee table combining pure simplicity and refined elegance. The table is developed by the Danish designer Christian Troels, who also created the CORDUROY TABLE in 2018 and the anniversary dining table TEN TABLE in 2019
Pia Chair
As a furniture designer, Poul Cadovius was mostly known for his iconic shelving systems, like the ROYAL SYSTEM® from 1948 But with the launch of the dining chair PIA CHAIR in 1959, he could also add the title chair designer to the CV. He wanted to create a chair in the spirit of the time, inspired by other design chairs of the fifties, but lighter and more "petite", both in physical weight and in design expression. The chair was developed on a "less is more" concept, with focus on the least possible material consumption, still maintaining a high level of details and excellent comfort.
System Ultra Wood
In the wake of the launch of the iconic shelving concept ROYAL SYSTEM® in 1948, Poul Cadovius introduced the SYSTEM ULTRA® in 1957 The system was created on a very simple yet genius basic principle. It was developed with the same space-saving, flexible design as ROYAL SYSTEM®, based on the innovative idea of moving the furniture off the floor onto the walls, leaving more space in the room.
Ten Table
dk3 was among the first brands to introduce the plank table to the Scandinavian market back in 2009, and with the aim to take this design heritage to the next level, dk3 founder Jacob Plejdrup has developed the anniversary table TEN TABLE in cooperation with Danish designer Christian Troels. The designs of Christian Troels are characterized by a great level of details and craftsmanship accuracy, which, in the TEN TABLE, is perfectly merged with Jacob Plejdrup's basic ideas on large dining tables, such as highlighting the natural beauty of wood in a minimalistic way.