Bauhaus Trolley
Bauhaus Trolley is inspired by the influential German Bauhaus art school. The design of the serving trolley is light and graphical. Use it as a bar trolley, as a movable serving table or to exhibit your indoor herb garden or plants. The Bauhaus Trolley emphasises once more that simple design is beautiful.
The Bowl from Krist ina Dam Design Studio is an eye-catching piece. The bowls come in four different sizes and they are all made from terracotta with a grey sl ip (engobe). The interior is glazed and for that reason, al l the bowls are water resistant. The exterior of the bowl features a textured band, impressed into the terracotta.
Curved Pouf
A modern blend of aesthetic elegance and casual comfort, the Curved Poufs emphasize a simple form which produces an organic expression. A soft and simple look and design. The pouf has an exclusive Danish/Scandinavian design with its clean rounded shape and graphic l ines. The Curved Pouf can be used as an extension for your sofa, as an extra seat in your l iving room or as an ottoman. On the other hand you could also just use the pouf as an extraordinary decorative seat in your bedroom. Wherever you choose to place this luxurious pouf we guarantee that the curved pouf wil l add a warm, modern and sophist icated feel to your home interior.
Grid Cabinet
This classic stat ionery cabinet comes with three perforated steel shelves. The cabinet doors swing outwards from the center when opened and are closed with a strong magnetic lock. Made from a beautiful and intriguing black perforated powder coated steel, The Grid Cabinet leaves a minimal yet str iking appearance. The Grid Cabinets is perfect for storing books, objects, sculptures, glasswear or crockery and the see- through aspect keeps the cupboard looking l ight whilst al lowing a gl impse of the pieces that are stored inside. The Grid Cabinet in Black is an ideal storage solut ion for the modern-day home. A really chic designer Cabinet with a typically Danish designed approach - clear graphic l ines; a no-nonsense design. The Grid Cabinet is also available in a beige version that makes the large storage furniture appear even l ighter.
Mirror Table
The lovely Mirror Table is a pedestal of beauty inspired by the platforms found at art galleries and museums around the world. The Mirror Table has a stunning mocca marble top that provides a spelling contrast to the mirror framework of the table. A contemporary danish designer table suited for a confident and modern interior.
Minimal Daybed
A daybed combining Japanese and Scandinavian minimal design in a coherent whole. The Minimal daybed in this all black design is an extension of the existing product line, which adds another minimalistic yet masculine expression to the portfolio.