Anoli consists of drop-shaped glass lampshades—balancing grandiosity, simplicity, and light in its pure sensuousness. Deeply engrained in the Scandinavian design traditions, Danish designer Sofie Refer has the ability to see the beauty in nature, seen here in the raindrops of a rainy day. The chandelier is available in three sizes with 3, 6, and 13 handblown glass lampshades in opal glass or a delicate golden nuance respectively. Its height is adjustable depending on whether you want to place it above a dining table, in a large hall, or perhaps in a showroom.
Apiales Lamp is designed by Sofie Refer and inspired by the flower commonly known as hogweed. The lamp is designed to grab attention no matter who steps into the room. In terms of craftsmanship, this product is of the highest quality, thanks to its handblown glass in soft, organic shapes that create a wonderful light and a comfortable sense of warmth. Suspend the calm and elegant chandelier above your dining table to create a comfortable light with an exclusive look, or use it in hallways with high ceilings where it can let its light shine and fill the room.
The Blossi consists of clear hand-blown glass and powder-lacquered metal. The lamp has a built-in LED, which shines from the bottom and is reflected in the metal and glass of the shade. This creates a comfortable, indirect light. The pendant is the perfect fit for over your dining table. You can use one on its own or in a row and let it cast its gentle light both over the table and out into the room.
The Lilia wall/ceiling lamp can be used alone or as part of a cluster. It consists of glass and powder-lacquered metal. The glass is available in two versions – matte white opal and clear optical. Use one lamp on either side of your bathroom mirror to create a decadent look in the bathroom, or hang multiple Lilia lamps together over the stairs or in the hallway. The lamp can be mounted on the wall as well as placed on the ceiling – regardless of where you use it will create an elegant look!
Miira is a stylish minimalist lamp. The popular brass interacts with the graceful shape of the lamp in the most beautiful way whilst creating a gorgeous contrast —dynamic yet calm and balanced. A diffuse and comfortable glow shines through the circular lampshade, contributing to a calm, relaxed atmosphere. ‘Miira’ means lovely and is designed by the award winning Danish designer Sofie Refer. She draws on nature for inspiration and likes playing around with the mood of the light in its Nordic elegance and function. The timeless design with a touch of modern minimalism is the perfect fit for private and public spaces alike. The lamp won the German Design Award 2019 in the category ’Excellent Product Design – Lighting’.