Daphine Terra
A few years after the launch of the Daphine, a floor-standing version was introduced to extend its range of uses.

The Daphine Terra is still in great demand as a reading light to place by seating or bedside.

Its 2-segment arm and freely adjustable head allow light to be trained where it’s needed for maximum visual comfort.

Both segments of the arm – of different, nicely proportioned lengths – can be set at various angles. By adjusting their relative positions, and that of the diffuser, the Daphine Terra can be given a great variety of configurations to train its light in precisely the right spot.

The Daphine Terra isn’t only a reading lamp though: it’s also ideal for ambient light, being powerful enough to deliver diffused lighting by pointing the beam at a wall. The bulkier cast iron base ensures perfect stability.
Dot is a family of pendant lamps designed by Foster + Partners to make luminaires look like disks of light.

Their design neatly combines formal rigour and the most advanced lighting technology. Dot has two differently sized parallel disks connected through their centres by a thin metal tube. The bottom, smaller disk is turned aluminium and contains a LED ring optically engineered to cast a high quantity of light onto the top disk, the diffuser, made of lacquered aluminium.

The high-powered source generates an amount of heat that the bottom disk could not dissipate on its own. The problem was solved by placing a special heat sink (used in the aerospace industry) in the thin tube connecting the disks. Its function is to thermally connect the LED circuit to a heat dissipator housed in the top disk.

On being switched on, the Dot is a thin, lightweight disk, seemingly suspended in mid-air, that generates an enveloping flux of light without shadows.
Microsoft Word - ТЗ на добавление бренда Lumina.docxElle is a series of floor-standing direct and indirect light lamps designed by the founder, Tommaso Cimini in 1984. It was the second project he worked on, straight after creating his masterpiece, the Daphine.
With their minimalist design and powerful and adjustable light, Elle lamps are the perfect expression of Lumina’s philosophy: “Lots of light, not much lamp”.

The Elle series has two versions: single arm and jointed arm (two segments).

Both lamps are characterized by a mobile arm and a swivelling reflector with a special anti-glare grid on it.

With the advent of LEDs, Lumina decided to convert its classic halogen version to this technology whilst retaining the original forms and dimensions.

In redesigning the lamp head and developing new optics and a new heat sink, Lumina gave the Elle a dual LED with a total of 45 W (a 25W LED for direct light + a 20W LED for indirect light), thus guaranteeing a powerful luminous flux and limited consumption.